Investigation Case Management

With a business partner we have developed a portal which we use to manage cases internally and customers are also able to log on and review the available documentation and progress with the cases.

Management Portal example
Management Portal example

Case Management

Our software lets you create and manage hundreds of thousands of cases via our intuitive and easy to use management interface. Each case can be assigned to various departments, categories and statuses making it simple to stay on top of everything. With the powerful search functionality you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Manage Your Documents & Files

Keeping track of case documents and files can be difficult and time consuming. Our file management features make it easy to upload and categorize case files as well as make it simple for you to find what you need when you need it. Combine this with the multi-user remote login and your staff can upload documents from anywhere in the world.

Management Portal example
Management Portal example

Powerful Communication & Reporting

Alongside our case management lies several communication and reporting tools which simplifies the entire case life cycle from start to finish. Quickly add notes to any case to provide progress updates, additional key information or to privately communicate amongst your teams. Our software integrates with your existing email setup by capturing and recording incoming email enquries and associating them with the relevant case.

Multi-user Remote Access

With multiple user types our software can be used by your internal staff, investigators, clients and more, each of whom will have distinct roles and access levels. All of the user accounts can be accessed remotely from a desktop or laptop or even on the go with a tablet or smartphone.

Management Portal login