General Investigation

You can be assured that there aren't many scenarios brought to us where we haven't been able to assist. You know your business, we're just here to help.

General investigation

There are many types of investigations, sometimes a case doesn’t fall into a specific category. Instead, the unique nature may call for a general investigation, and in some cases, an investigation may require specialist techniques.

You can be assured that there aren’t many scenarios brought to us when we haven’t been able to help. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you – or refer you to someone who can.

Or, it could be that you just need confidential impartial advice from a well-established investigation company, who will recognise and understand your requirements.

Surveillance is an important and highly effective tool in the investigator’s arsenal.  It can take many forms, the following are some of the most common –

Mobile surveillance
Static observations
Technical surveillance

There are however two other types…

BAD SURVEILLANCE – conducted by inexperienced, undermanned, poorly equipped, untrained operators  who can  make a subject aware of their presence.  Inexperience and lack of resources equals unsuccessful surveillance.

GOOD SURVEILLANCE –  conducted by a well trained, properly equipped team is a cost effective solution in gathering intelligence in ongoing enquiries and an excellent form of evidential proof.

All AIS surveillance staff, male and female, have been trained to the Home Office National Standard, they use the latest equipment, their activities are monitored with regular refresher training and post surveillance de-briefs. They are experienced investigators who know the value of operating professionally and within the law and the ethical gathering of evidence.

“At AIS we treat Surveillance as a sensitive technique and we believe its methods of operation are not a subject for public disclosure.”

Working diligently on behalf of the legal profession, housing associations, local authorities, individuals and Government departments plus a host of others, AIS provide a fast, efficient, and cost effective process serving facility nationwide.

AIS will quote you a unique reference number, providing a short service level agreement and a reasonable and competitive fee structure. We will make at least three separate visits if required on any process serving task.

The AIS process serving department will provide the client with a covering report on our actions and the supporting legal requirements for proof of service. You will know exactly what we will do for you and what it will cost.