Insurance Investigation

With 48% of adults in the UK not ruling out committing an insurance fraud, fraudulent claims are becoming a growing problem for the industry.

Insurance investigation

There is a popular myth that insurance fraud is a victimless crime. But, research carried out by the Association of British Insurers is telling another story. Fraud seems to account for 10% of personal motor claims, while for household claims; the figure could be as high as 15%. With 48% of adults in the UK not ruling out committing an insurance fraud; it’s eating away at profits and increasing the cost of many premiums.

AIS Investigators are trained to reduce potential losses; they have saved significant sums of money for many of the UK’s leading insurer’s, and are active participants in the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group. (IFIG)

In the compensation culture prevalent today,  AIS has a vital role to play,  in verifying the genuine, and investigating those false and exaggerated claims,  not just in proving individual cases, but in re-establishing insurance fraud as a crime – not an opportunity!

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes. But, with the experience of the AIS Detectives, there are very few tricks they haven’t seen or come across before! They have been involved in and solved many varied cases including:

  • Staged burglaries;
  • Arson attacks;
  • Contrived / staged road traffic collisions;
  • Fake claims for injury, trauma and loss of income; and
  • Many other overstated losses or injuries.

From organised crimes to opportunistic fraud, AIS has the problem measured. They have developed an instinct, and with the very latest in equipment and surveillance techniques, very little escapes detection.

AIS prides itself on the standard of its motor claims service. They cover all aspects of this growing field, from vehicle theft to fatal injury collisions.

AIS have successfully investigated many instances in the ever growing trend of “staged claims”. The only deterrent is thorough investigation to uncover fraud and gather evidence for prosecution or to refute or allow the claim.

Motor claims services offered are:

  • Locus reports, statements and interviews;
  • Personal Injury, fatal collision reports;
  • Liability / indemnity investigation;thieft
  • Suspect / staged claims;
  • Vehicle theft / damage;
  • Scene and traffic light sequence videos;
  • Forensic engineers reports;
  • Surveillance and claims verification; and finally
  • Police and court liaison.